Types of Wood Fired Bakeovens

Pizza Ovens: Pizza ovens are generally round ovens with a dome ceiling built from firebrick, castable refractory high temperature concrete, or clay. Pizza ovens generally have less mass than bread ovens and use live firing, where a fire burns while the food is cooked.

Bread Ovens: Bread ovens can be built in a variety of ways but are most often built square or rectangular in shape with an arched barrel style ceiling. Bread ovens are designed and built specific to a client’s needs, with varying amounts of thermal mass. Bread ovens rely on the heated thermal mass of the oven to cook the food as there is no fire burning while the bread or pastries bake.

Multi-use Ovens: Multi-use ovens are the most practical ovens for home bakers and enthusiasts. These ovens can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes, built inside or outside, and can be used for any style of wood fired baking. The ovens can be dome, arch or barrel style ovens with a variety of exterior finishes and styles. The ovens generally have more mass than a traditional pizza oven, but less than the traditional bread oven, and the mass can easily be adjusted to accommodate client’s needs.

White Ovens: An oven that is heated by fire and hot flue gases traveling around the oven, with no smoke or flames in the oven. These ovens are usually built into a masonry heater.

Black Ovens: Ovens that either have a fire in them or have hot flue gases passing through them in order to heat the masonry walls and floors.